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For over 75 years, Perkins diesel generators have become the most in-demand choice of high-powered diesel engines in the market. ​ Perkins engines, originated in Peterborough, comply with elite manufacturing quality standards. They offer unparalleled fuel efficiency and noise reduction technology. 

​Whether your company prefers to buy in bulk our lucrative 50hz and 60hz Perkins diesel generators for sale, or bid on tenders,

PPS is always willing to adjust its services to align with your needs..

Perkins Generators Manufacturing Process and Components

Thanks to Perkins' continuous development program, they offer the most advanced and customisable range of diesel generators across the world. 

Our UK manufacturing collection stocks essential Perkins engines and items covering every function of power generation ranging from generator ends and control panels to battery chargers and voltage regulators. 

All our Perkins generators are provided for base load power, emergency power, and peak lopping/exporting. 

Sourcing genuine Perkins parts is critical to maintaining the performance levels of your model. 

Any mismatch, or incorrectly installed parts can lead to serious engine damage and disruptive downtime for your business. 

PPS provides replacement items for a range of Perkins diesel phase generators such as:

  • engines

  • control cables

  • alternators

  • power modules

  • exhaust systems

In addition to this, our service kits, and delivery can be deployed to your location within 24 hours to maintain power supply for emergency use. 

Custom-Built Perkins Generator

In line with the high quality Perkins Peterborough manufacturing standards, our engineering department can build a variety of custom diesel generator solutions par excellence. 

Whether you need more power, less power, or a light-weight and portable solution, we can accommodate all your needs and design. 

We provide both 50hz and 60hz Perkins diesel generators.

As a manufacturer, PPS tests, refines, and delivers purpose-built Perkins phase gensets for various applications in the field.

If you want to see our Perkins phase power generators in person, feel free to reach out to us for making an appointment and our sales team will guide you. 

To know more about how we can help you with your power requirements, please contact us on +44 0161 468 2773. You can also email us at for a quotation, information, delivery or warranty service support.​

Security and Safety

The secret to a long-lasting Perkins generator is how effectively man and machine can collaborate to preserve its original performance levels.

Ensuring its safety is dependent on how smoothly the installation, operation, and maintenance aspects are addressed. And there are two levels to address this - on a machine level and human level.

On the machine level, the security and safety are reliant upon built-in diesel phase generator design features such as:

  • Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door

  • Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior

  • Cooling fan and battery charging

  • alternator fully guarded

  • Fuel fill point lockable with fuel

  • breathing apparatus

  • Residential exhaust muffler mounted inside canopy

  • Multi-density polyester soundproofing material – Fire resistant Class 1.

  • Excellent Service and

  • Maintenance Access

  • Large doors for easy servicing

  • Radiator filling point on the roof (UK Standard)

  • Colour coded wiring looms. Transportability

  • Lift hooks/Forklift space strong enough to support whole generator.

On the human level, our acclaimed team of service engineers leave no stone unturned and cover all Perkins generators bases by following practices such as:

  1. Determining your power requirements to evaluate the right sizing and model of power backup for your business.

  2. Scouting a safe site to install the unit and designing protective enclosures to eliminate health hazards and minimize noise levels in populated areas.

  3. Teaching simple safety measures to customers in case they intend to personally supervise the generator operations. 

  4. Scheduling regular inspections to check for wear and tear, missing parts, and other damage. Also, checking fluids and replacing filters if needed.

Prime Power Rating

Prime Perkins power generators are generally used to power applications when you have limited access to grid power. They fall under two main categories:

  • Indefinite Running Time - You can run this model at maximum power and variable load for unlimited number of hours, but consider the amount of power use required. 

  • Limited Running Time - This model can perform for a fixed number of hours at a variable time and intended for usage during expected or planned power outages. 

Standby Power Rating

Standby Perkins power generators are evergreen emergency power sources during grid supply failure. They have no overload capability and a maximum operating limit of 500 hours per year.

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