Prime Power Solution has quickly emerged as one of the largest and fastest-growing UK diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers with a strong local footprint and exporting to over 30 countries.

For nearly 15 years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and trust as a designer and distributor of standard, bespoke and modular diesel generator sets. Our sole purpose is to fulfill your power demand!

We design and manufacture our state-of-the-art award-winning diesel generators in the UK to comply with the highest levels of performance efficiency, customisability and cost flexibility.

PPS Diesel Generator Manufacturing Process & Quality Control

Our UK manufacturing capacity offers a premium collection of products. PPS covers every function of power generation ranging from generator ends and control panels to battery chargers and voltage regulators.

Replacement items for a range of phase generators such as diesel engines, control cable, power module, auto-synchronizer, exhaust systems, etc. can easily be sourced along with service kits.


We provide guaranteed delivery to your business place within 24 hours to maintain power supply for emergency use and avoid power failures.

Prime Power Solution also hold large stocks of ATS panels also known as Automatic Transfer Switch/Automatic Transfer Function or AMF (Automatic Mains Failure Panel) in a lucrative price range. 

Your company can easily consult with our UK diesel generator service team of experienced engineers to get the necessary advice on design specifications of various generators for unique power applications.


As leading diesel generators supplier, Prime Power Solution can help you zero down on the right choice with minimal capital costs involved.



PPS Diesel Generators

PPS offers a range of elite generator engine brands like Perkins, Cummins, Lister Petter, Baudouin &  Doosan coupled to Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte, but mainly Stamford UK Sourced Alternators.

Engineered to meet internationally renowned UK manufacturing quality standards, our range of diesel-based power generators covers both three-phase and single-phase generator sets spanning an impressive 9 kVA up to 2000 kVA range.

Our custom-built generators may also be adapted for your specific design/power requirements. We consistently keep our brand new and used diesel generators in stock. 

If you are in urgent need of emergency generators, we can facilitate delivery within 24 hours (subject to availability and stock).

PPS - Silent Diesel Generators

Whether you’re at home, office, or your workshop, a peaceful and pleasant ambience is the bedrock of productivity.

Now your standby backup diesel generator may keep the lights on during a power cut, but if it’s bombarding your ears with intrusive engine noise all throughout, then it means it’s solving one problem to create another.

Our range of standby diesel generators use the latest in sound attenuation technology to drastically cut down the engine noise levels thanks to their super silent canopy design.

The canopies of our emergency backup generators can easily withstand all types of climate conditions and environments.

So if you are seeking a source of reliable backup power with zero disturbances, then our brand range of silent diesel generators are right down your alley in both price and performance.

PPS - Custom-Built Diesel Generators

Our business specialises in a range of off-grid power solutions for hundreds of challenging installations. This includes building sites, telecom stations, agriculture locations, event management, supermarkets, banks, ships, factories, large office complexes, data centers, schools, hospitals, tourist resorts or any other mobile applications.

We Specialise in Perkins Generators, Cummins Generators, Lister Petter Generators, Baudouin Generators, FPT Generators, Mitsubishi Generators &  Doosan Generators Built to very high specification for quality assurance.

PPS - GAS Generators - LPG Generators - Flare Gas Generators - Natural Gas Generators

Prime Power Solution can design products from scratch and deploy a plethora of purpose-built diesel generators, providing specific schematics, sizing calculations and electrical drawings.


We will help develop your backup and standby power system based on the limitations of your location space and power output needs.

In accordance with the demands of your site conditions and ventilation in the area provided, we can customize a ton of aspects in your diesel generator set model selection such as:

  • Model generator size

  • Fuel supply systems

  • Diesel compression-ignition engine

  • Power modules

  • Combustion system

  • Fuel efficiency ratio

  • Phase parameters

  • Load speed

  • Auto-synchronizer module

  • Fuel tank size

  • Power distribution equipment

  • Overload capability

  • Load combination

  • Ventilation equipment

  • Control system

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Prime Power Solution Benefits

Blinding Stability

The mark of a powerful diesel generator set is how effectively it can run under load in case of a power cut and voltage drop. We are known for our reliability in service and robust range of high-quality stock power generator designs. Prime Power Solutions is firmly committed to offering a seamless end-to-end customer service experience.

24/7 Support

Once you have selected your diesel generator sizing, our service engineers will take care of the rest. Our goal is to set up the emergency power sources you deserve. 

Whether you seek delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance or just looking for a generator, a time-efficient, hassle-free communication, and service experience is only a phone call away.

Extensive Warranty

PPS offers an extensive worldwide manufacturing warranty.  It ranges from 12 to 24 to 36 months, depending on the engine brand to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. PPS ensures the robustness of our high-quality UK power generators is reinforced by responsibility in customer service to maximize the engine life of your diesel generator.


Visit Our Factory

If you want to see the power generators in person, feel free to reach out to us through phone or email for advice and making an appointment. A member of our UK staff will be more than happy to arrange a guided showroom tour.


Even a factory visit is possible to help you get the right business advice to select the right generator at reasonable prices. By Appointment Only!

UK Diesel Generators for Sale

British Quality | Reliability | Trust | Global Warranty

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Whether your company prefers to buy in bulk through our lucrative UK diesel generators for sale offers, or even to bid on tenders, PPS is always equipped to adjust its services to align with your needs. 

We Specialise in Perkins Generators, Cummins Generators, Lister Petter Generators, Baudouin Generators, FPT Generators, Mitsubishi Generators &  Doosan Generators Built to very high specification for quality assurance using the very best UK Made Deepsea DSE Generator Controllers.

PPS - Used Diesel Generators - Second Hand Diesel Generators

A second-hand generator is no excuse for the lack of a first-rate quality experience. Buying a used diesel generator for your business doesn’t mean rolling the dice with your money on the line to secure a life without power interruption.  

At PPS UK, all used diesel generators undergoes a thorough 100-point service inspection and is given a full load test certificate. It is a bit like an ‘MOT’, but more comprehensive.

All the essential components for our generators on sale, including the diesel engine, alternator, radiator, control panel are evaluated through a rigorous stress test.


We ensure all products meet a reliable performance quality standard for our customers in case of a power failure.

Looking to Sell your used diesel  generator - used generators ? we buy all surplus diesel generators subject to year of manufacture of your used generator but also condition, if you are looking to replace your current used diesel generator set then get in touch via our get a price page CLICK HERE or click on Button Bellow

PPS - Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Systems


For fuel solutions we offer all our customers various options alongside standard options we offer larger external tanks if and when required, check out our PPS Diesel Tank range here. 

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